Dukan Diet Recipes

A Brief Overview of the Dukan Diet Recipes Book

The Dukan Diet recipes are contained in a book, which is an essential guide for followers of the increasingly popular diet. The book makes it easier to persevere with the diet by adding variety to the diet through the over 350 recipes suitable for the four weight loss stages of the program.

The Dukan Diet plan is based on a unique four-step program. Two steps to lose weight and two steps to maintain your target weight for good.

The diet was devised by Dr Pierre Dukan, a French medical doctor who has spent most of his career helping people to lose weight permanently. The diet became a word-of-mouth bestseller in France and has subsequently spread to more than twenty countries with the book translated into ten languages.

The book starts off with various meal ideas for the protein-only Attack stage and then moves on to many more recipes to keep you motivated during the Cruising stage, which allows you to add vegetables to your diet. The recipes enable you to eat well and enjoy it whilst still losing weight.

The book is packed with ways to spice up your meals and stave off repetition and boredom. Once your goal has been reached, there are recipes for mouth-watering sauces and dressings as well as a wide selection of delicious desserts.

Some of the more negative comments from purchasers of the book were as follows:

  • The variety of recipes, for starters and desserts, is not as comprehensive as for the main meals
  • Many of the recipes serve two, four or six, which requires a bit of arithmetic to produce a single portion
  • In some countries the cost of the ingredients might be exorbitant

However, most readers are very happy with their purchase of the book as the Dukan Diet recipes enable them to make their meals much more interesting as it provides a lot more variety.